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Related Web Sites


Links to some of the well known and popular websites on Welding and related subjects are provided. To access the websites just CLICK on the address of the desired site.

If you come accross any good welding related website, which is not listed here, please inform us the details, so that the same could be included in this list for the benefit of other members.



Aakaar Fluxes Private limited.

Manufacturer of submerged arc-welding fluxes.

Advani Oerlikon Limited.

Welding consumable and equipment manufacturer

American Welding Society. (AWS)

Anand Arc Electrodes Private Limited.

Mumbai based welding consumable manufacturer

American National Standards Institute.(ANSI)

Arc Machines Inc. Orbital welding systems.

Arcraft Plasma Equipments (India) Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai. Manufacturer of High Tech. TIG and Plasma welding and cutting products..

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

American Society for Non-destructive Testing. (ASNT)

American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

The Belgian Welding Institute.

Bohler Thyssen Welding, USA. Very useful Technical Tips are available.

Cranfield Univesity - Welding Engineering Research Centre.

The Paton Welding Journal.

Welding & Metal Fabrication, Journal

D&H Secheron Electrodes Limited.

Indore based welding consumables manufacturer

ESAB India Limited.

Welding consumable, equipment and accessories manufacturer

European Welding Federation. (EWF)

Edison’s Welding Institute of USA. (EWI)

The Navy Joining Centre, USA

Welding Research Council of USA. (WRC)

Friction welding services.

New Zealand institute of Welding.

Welding consumable manufacturer.

Welding Engineer’s weld Pool. Preheat calculator is available.

History of Welding

Welding Inspection page

Italian Institute of Welding

International Institute of Welding. (IIW)

Official website of The Indian Institute of Welding. Calcutta (IIW)

India’s first hub on welding.

Honavar Electrodes Limited.

Mumbai based welding consumables manufacturer

French Welding Institute

Ohio State University – Welding Engineering Program.

James.F.Lincoln arc welding Foundation. USA

Automatic precision welding systems.

Contech Engineers

Mumbai based dealer in welding consumables.

Makvin Automation Pvt Ltd.
Welding automation systems and consumables.

Maruti Electrodes Private Limited

Bangalore based welding electrode manufacturer.

Japan Welding Society

Mumbai based dealer in welding consumable, equipment and accessories.

Metrode Products Limited. UK based welding consumables manufacturer. Excellent product data available on-line.

Miller Electric Company. Technical articles on welding.

Homepage of Materials Joining and NDE Group of Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA. The site has on-line calculators for Ferrite Number, Microstructure and Hardness prediction.

Modi Arc Electrodes Co. Welding consumables manufacturer.

E.O.Paton Electric Welding Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Nickel Development Institute. (EWI)

Messer Polysoude. Orbital welding systems.

Speciality Industrial gases.

Pro-fusion Technologies Inc. Every information on Orbital welding

Mumbai based welding consumable manufacturer

Resistance Welder Manufacturers’ Association. (RWMA). USA

German Welding Society. (DVS)

Welding electrodes and NDE systems.

German Welding Institute.

Hardfacing welding alloys

Syn Ergo Machines Pvt Ltd. Bangalore based orbital welding and other automatic welding systems company.

Friction welding machine manufacturer.

The Welding Institute(TWI), UK.

Official website of the Indian Institute of Welding, Mumbai branch.

A web site providing B2B e-commerce oppertunities in welding business.

A web site devoted to Indian welding & fabrication industry.

Hobart Institute of Welding Technology.

Canadian Welding Society.

Online service Offering & seeking welding jobs.

Provide online program to calculate ferrite-FN

Every data on MIG and FCAW.

Mumbai based marketing firm for welding consumable (including Kobe & INCO products) and welding equipment.

Welding and Joining Management Group.

Publisher of welding books,charts,videos

Welding Research Institute, (WRI) Tiruchirappalli

Australian Welding Institute.

About the IIW / Mumbai Branch / Other Branches / Coming Events / Technical Lectures
Mumbai Weldnet / Trends in welding / Related Websites / IIW Forum / Feedback / Home